Studio Fadda was founded by Tonino Fadda in 1978 and was born as a studio oriented on general projects about architecture and infrastructural matters, at the beginning mostly on public interventions. Over time the Studio has progressively oriented its activities on land, urban and architectural planning, on projects and development plans for private enterprises. Therefore, from the second half of the 90s, the duty of the studio was based in an empathic relationship with the land and the culture of Sardinia, arousing curiosity and research on architecture and land matters. An always present element of the Studio activity is the theoretical and practice analysis on the inner mutation of the project culture and on its relationship with the natur-lan binomial. A research on the present needs about the land and its management and on its characterizing boundaries, inside which the most useful projects are made with the aim of being landscape itselves. The respect and fairness of the relationship between the land and the territory simplifies the noble idea to achieve, the need of totally integrated cultural landscapes and architectures. Research, innovation and being animated by vibrant ideal tension, acting as interlocutors who cares about the exegesis of the site without damage on it. Even if a project is targeted operation and sometimes contains its goals, the leading research is most of the times due to a process of multiple elaborations and compositions, on the idea that the final product would be the indivisible cultural wellness of the territory. That's the philosophy which inspires the Studio and its pluridecennial activity.The activity of Studio Fadda uses for each project the professional ability of a group of employees and consultants in the technical, technological and artistic areas, involved in different stages of research, design, construction, communication, representing great value for the ultimate success of the Studio itself.